Alweezgrooven 2019

Alweezgrooven is celebrating 10 years and this time, we go back to our roots. Alweezgrooven was born as a free outdoor event at Lac Dumont and has since become Ottawa’s outdoor summer festival. This event has been built by the Ottawa community with love, respect and dedication. We could not do this without the help of a dedicated team who do this for nothing more than to organize an amazing gathering. THIS IS THE FESTIVAL WITH HEART! For out 10th year we are going to focus on DJs and artists who have played for us in the past.

Alweezgrooven is back, and in its 10th year. ( Show your colours )

It’s time To reveal what one really believes, thinks, or wants; So lets act in accordance with one’s real personality, temperament, or disposition. This years theme is “Be your true colours”. That’s right come be yourself and help share the love and beauty we all know you have within yourself. More information will be posted about theme and events throughout the weekend.

This will be a weekend of Arts, Music, Community, at a breathtaking outdoor venue.


  • Beautiful, outdoor, access to water on sight and 10 min walk away off site too lake
  • Bigger main stage + psychedelic forest
  • Two stages + Third chill stage
  • International headliners + Talented DJs + artists + producers
  • Art grants – please inquire
  • Total visual experience
  • Workshops + poi + hula hoop + bondage
  • Healing garden+ recharging + reiki + meditation +yoga
  • Food + drink + clothing + various other vendors
  • camping
  • parking
  • Shuttle buses

Location/Venue: For several reasons we have decided to not release the Exact location of our event until much closer to the event date. Primarily, for privacy reasons, We will release the venue information much closer to the event.